Alexander van Angelis ([personal profile] alexandriel) wrote2017-04-11 05:06 am

I did it

I did it. Breathe. I did it. I actually did it. I am only regretting my decision a little so far. Oh Lord have mercy, what did I do?! Breathe Alex and stop being stupid. You know exactly what you did. You defied every order and every convention. You broke the Lord's commands themselves. Is it madness? I don't think so. I did it...I did it because I overheard the young ones, that they would not rebel, because we elders kept a stiff upper lip. Like stewards and stewardesses on a flight, they used us as a barometer for just how wrong things were...not knowing that inwards we were panicking and clamping our eyes shut against the insanity the world had turned into. It hit me that as an elder, no the elder, at least of our tiny sub department I had a responsibility. I was not just clamping my eyes shut for myself, but for the young ones too without their knowledge. That wouldn't do. So now I am here. Wish me luck.